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Thoughts on College Athletics Advertising

Here is a question…what is “good” advertising when we are talking about college athletics?

Should we continue to have the run of the mill “SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!” message and just try to beat into our fans day, date, time, place, opponent and how to buy tickets?  Or is it time to start giving our fans some credit that they are aware of when the games are, know where the games are being played and how to get a ticket?  If the Fans and the world are changing how they absorb media, shouldn’t we be finding the right fit for our products as well rather than just doing what has always been done? 

I think it is time to raise the bar.  It’s time to use the little dollars our departments have to invest in creative and advertising to drive emotion.  It is time we use our powerful brands to further connect with the Fans rather than to just depend on the logo to do all the work.

In sports, we inherently have something most products don’t have…we have the TEAM.  We have the TEAM everyone wants to be a part of.   

In today’s age where our marketing staff can shoot their own video, show the “behind the scenes” and more easily give content (not blatant, scream at you advertising) we can make our Fans real members of the TEAM.  Use video and technology to bring everyone closer.

I feel the biggest leap of faith is that we have to accept the fact everyone can find us.  We have to trust that our Fans know how to get our phone number or that they can find soonersports.com, Google, Text, Facebook, Tweet, Check-in and email to buy a ticket or T-shirt.  In the past, Fans couldn’t remember the phone number or the schedule.  Our advertising was once used to constantly remind Fans.  Now, they don’t have to wait to find the answer to a question.  Fans are smart.

As we move forward this year we plan to tell more stories, give more content and show our Fans we care about what they do for our University, our Coaches and most importantly our Student-Athletes.  At the same time we will constantly analyze our methods of delivery and if we cannot get results from a traditional method we will find new platforms that deliver for us.

It is very difficult in college athletics to immediately “change.”  What we can do is “Evolve” our messages and delivery to give Fans more of what they want.   Let’s evolve our advertising by telling more stories and deliver more content.  Let’s make an emotional connection so Fans pay attention and trust they will find us. 

Let’s have fun advertising our stories. Boomer Sooner!